Hi! I’m Lora, and I combine a background in library science and journalism to create content (AKA write) for general-audience magazines, newspapers and online media, along with custom publication, nonprofit and business clients.

What does this mean, in everyday language? I write for mass media and for small business owners … and everyone in between. In a typical week, I might:

  • Help readers realize rural America’s need for accessible emergency medical services.

  • Help a credit union communicate their successes through their annual report.

  • Help parents grasp TCJA’s implications for college-bound kids, in a newspaper article.

  • Help an international corporation name a new product.

  • Help readers dive deep into composting. Figuratively speaking.

See selections of my recently published writing work here.

Hire me. I can research, report and write articles or essays for you on career, education, health, money/personal finance and travel writing topics. Or offer creativity in the copy realm, including annual reports, naming and taglines.

Do you want to learn to write for a living, or improve your writing for your website or clients? I teach classes at Hugo House in Seattle, and offer one-on-one writing coaching as well.