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50 Ways to Entertain a Kid on an Airplane.

Easy travel games, products and ideas that will help get you and your kids through a long flight

Why Cutting Class Can Be Good for Your Kid.

4 instances when playing hooky can teach your kid valuable lessons (really!)

Pregnancy Magazine

Bump on Board.

I admit it. I’m a travel junkie. In college, I saved every penny to saunter along the Seine and gape at the pyramids in Giza. Then I got pregnant…

Knocked Up and Laid Off?

It’s the one time in your life you could really use a beer—and you can’t have one…

Announcements 2.0.

With today’s advances in technology, waiting for birth announcements via snail mail seems so 1988…


But Why? Kids and Philosophy.

Children have the capacity to boggle the brain of even the most intelligent adult…

Green School Fundraisers: 10 Great, Good School Fundraisers.

From eco bath supplies to lunch boxes to heirloom seeds…

Ready, Set, Baby: A Whole-Mama Guide to Pregnancy and Beyond.

During my first pregnancy, I was determined to do everything perfectly, and perfectly natural. I ate a low-fat organic diet, played IQ-boosting Mozart to my baby in utero, read about natural birth, and practiced hee-hee-ha-ha labor breaths anywhere and everywhere (much to the alarm of coworkers)…

Nature and Nurture. 

The planet-friendly educational approaches at Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia schools

8 Ways to Help Kids Ace Tests

Does your child need help with taking exams? Follow these tips to help your kid be a whiz at pop quizzes and tests.

Quiz: Are You Living Green?

Sure, you recycle your soda can – but are you really living a green life? Take our test to find out.

Children’s Etiquette Around the World

In Japan, can kids slurp soba noodles? In South Africa, is it okay to greet your teacher with “What’s up, Carrie?”

Quiz: Are You Ready for Another Baby?
A new baby in the house – does the idea make you squeal or squirm? Take this quick and fun quiz to find out if now’s the right time to start decorating a nursery for a new baby.