A few articles, blog posts, and stories

I’ve collected a few of my favorite pieces here, to provide a sample of my work. It’s by no means the most complete or up-to-date, so don’t worry about contacting me for more information or go peek at my work on the journo-portfolio site Contently.

Travel Writing

TravelAs a travel writer based in L.A. and the Pacific Northwest, I’ve penned articles on glamping, Vancouver BC family-style, home swaps, romantic getaway weekendsLos Angeles with kids, farmy vacationsyurt vacations, what it’s like to visit a Korean spa, methods for entertaining kids on plane trips (that one went viral on social media) and sampling Maui-grown foods. I also wrote a book on travel with kids in the Pacific Northwest. Travel is my passion, specifically sharing details of beloved places from Amsterdam to Whistler. I want to make travel feel more accessible, affordable and approachable, even if that just means encouraging a day trip featuring a farmer’s market, a horseback ride and a low-key restaurant.

Profiles and Humor

I’ve written profiles of TV stars, writers, nonprofit founders and recently, a young man attempting to build a video-game museum. In my favorite pieces, the profile illustrates a trend or reveals something more universal about the human condition, such as with this interview for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

As a huge fan of McSweeney’s, I enjoyed writing about the 826 National program for Parenting Magazine and this tongue-in-cheek description of travel destinations.

Parenting, Business and Counterculture Cool

ParentingI grew up in a counterculture-type situation (I was even homeschooled), which has shaped my interests and pitches. For example, I’ve written about guerrilla gardening and the trend of cohousing, as well as homeschooling and children’s philosophy. Of course, I’ve written dozens of normalish family-oriented pieces as well, whether traveling while pregnant or this one on orthodontia, which was picked up by more than a dozen parenting publications nationally (unfortunately, the IRS probably won’t approve writing off my teen’s smile).

The Seattle Times and Alaska Airlines Magazine frequently hire me to write about business, career and education. Peruse these pieces on wearing your tattoos to the workplacecoffice etiquette (bare feet off the tables, please) and college admissions.

Healthy Living

BusinessOtherI love writing accessible pieces on mental and physical health: the power of music to de-stress, tips on what to do if bitten by a rabid animal and a first-person, first-time mammogram experience. How’s that for oversharing?

Custom, Trade & Business

I’ve worked with The Washington State Visitors’ Guide, Travel Portland, Travel Lane County, Travel Tacoma, Seattle Visitors’ Guide and the Eastern Oregon Visitors’ Guide. Several of my favorite pieces: Happy Days: The Pendleton Round-Up, Portland’s Family Fun for All Ages and Seattle’s Wander the Waterfront. For Alaska Airlines, I’ve covered everything from kindie rock to the advantages of an EMBA.

At times, I work at discounted rates for good causes. For example, service-employee’s union SEIU’s magazine for home health care aides. Here’s a profile on a Korean-born health care aide (she was delightful to speak with) and another piece on GLBT aides and clients.

I’ve also written business and nonprofit newsletters, stories and catalog copy at a reasonable hourly rate. Get in touch to discuss!